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Michael Lebson (RnL)
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If we locked every thread that turned into that, there would be no open threads.

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Originally Posted by Jazzza001
How did this thread turn into a rage about the game mechanics? Moderators where?

You have never experienced how much more engaging A4 felt compared to the OB, as you have never played A4 to begin with. If you think RnL right now is fine as a game, that's your opinion; but many have here have played Realism and Liberation A4 and can relate to why I say that Arcade and Liberation Open Beta is inferior in terms of gameplay and feeling, and they feel the same way.

@FrontlinerCdV I dont think you understand the caliber 30-06, it is for hunting large game, it is larger that most sniper rifle rounds. MG42 is great for a light machine gun, the BAR is a fully auto sniper rifle.
B00Mx54R, Youtube. So true it was worth putting it here.
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Originally Posted by Michael Lebson
If we locked every thread that turned into that, there would be no open threads.

You have a point.
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Originally Posted by Frontliner
The point is, the game is flawed to say the least.

If we would play the game it was meant to be played, we would play Alpha 4 and add some guns to it and it would be almost perfect. I'll illustrate this for you briefly, being a more senior player now:

What we thought the Beta would deliver to us:
-Everything from Alpha 4
and the way we were used to it
and the way things were intended for by the dev team working on this game prior to this dev team
-More Maps
-More weapons
-ironing out some minor flaws with the folding map
-MP40 nerf

What they said the Open Beta was there for:
-Feedback taken into consideration and gradually added with each OB release or as soon as possible
-Gathering other data to stabilize the game(I think)
-Better visuals
-hopefully more activity(Oh I now know what Bermig meant with that)


What we actually received:
-Cropped content from Alpha 4:
-no loadout select screen, it was removed and replaced with a class select screen that didn't even restrict the special classes until OB 1.6
-folding map gone, now replaced with an instant overlay(someone please tell me the point of this)
-MG totally changed to behave like loose IS, when it was totally the correct feeling in Alpha 4
-I cannot say that we've been getting more maps, some haven't been ported, so we lack those, others added some to the game.
-We got some new weaponry
-They sure as hell got rid of the issues with the map LOL
-completely broken gun balance

Additional point: The game feels completely different to the Alpha, most of the immersion is gone.

What is left of their promises:
-Aside from 2 suggestions made by me, no other community suggestion has ever been taken into consideration and put into the game
-I don't know how much of a help the crash dumps are
-It looks better for sure now, but sometimes I don't think every tree added was an absolute must have
-The activity is low as it's always been, sadly.

Yeah completely agree with yo there mate, i miss alpha 4, the graphics weren't as good i'll give em that and some things were improved on but it lost a certain something that the game had when it wen't into beta!
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